Text-Messaging for Business


TM4B | Text-Messaging for Business is an SMS Gateway dedicated to the provision of text-messaging solutions for the business community.

We are a well-established SMS Gateway, acting as a single point of access to the wireless world, and pride ourselves on being able to satisfy the text-messaging needs and wants of businesses in the most affordable manner.

Spotlight: Daimler Chrysler (Bulk SMS)

Generating Leads with Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is increasingly becoming the first choice for reaching large audiences.

Daimler Chrysler has used it to generate leads for test drives within the UK. Their first 20,000 messages resulted in 1,500 test drives and the first 800 messages led to the sale of three Smart cars.

Sending SMS.

If you only want to send SMS, we provide an API for application/website integration, an Email to SMS facility and a highly advanced web-based application for bulk broadcasts. Access to these services is completely free and you only have to pay for the messages that you send.

Receiving SMS.

If you would also like to receive SMS, you can instruct our messaging platform to forward incoming SMS to your own servers, specified e-mail addresses or other mobile phones. You can also arrange for pre-written e-mails or SMS messages to be sent back to their senders and so our SMS Gateway provides the infrastructure for all types of interactive services.

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