I started TM4B 15 years ago (2003) as a new graduate wanting to improve communication between universities and their students. But as companies began to see the value in SMS, the company grew to support all sorts of markets, from real estate to sports, aviation to hospitality, and many more.

Seeing the different ways in which businesses were using SMS inspired is to create our first SMS API. This was in 2005 and was a huge turning point for us.

The API turned us into a Platform-as-a-Service used to power sales & marketing, customer engagement, delivery notifications, automation, IoT, billing & collections, appointments & reminders, alerts, customer support, surveys and security verification.

We've SMS-enabled every type of business you can imagine, covering airlines like XL Airways, hotels like Omena Hotels, universities like Thames Valley University and more.

We're a small UK company with a team that's distributed between England and Sri Lanka. Being small means that we can stay focused on delivering a reliable service with great support and being distributed means that we can cover more time zones.

If you'd like to SMS-enable your business, website, database, app etc. and you're looking for a company you can depend, you've found what you're looking for.

Fahed Bizzari
Managing Director

TM4B is registered in England and Wales with Company No. 4840038.
Registered address is International House, 10 Churchill Way, Cardiff, CF10 2HE, United Kingdom.

We've tried other providers and using TM4B has been an excellent experience. TM4B offers us the ability to simply and reliably service our customers needs.

Tom Last
Technical Director @ RaceAhead

Some of our Clients
& What They Say

It is a cost-effective, unobtrusive and efficient method that has proved very popular with patients.

Dr Michael Szasz
Founder, Oradent

I’ve found the tm4b.com platform to be very stable.

Abdeslam El Abbassi
Director, clicSMS

Thanks so much to the team at TM4B for their fantastic support.

Todd Proctor
IT Manager, B Orthodontics Services

The great thing is that, after the setup, you forget about it because it works exactly like it should.

Daniel Schott
Developer, BGS

In general, everything has been great for us.

Alexis Cheshire
Managing Director, Emagineer Ltd

We would not hesitate to recommend the TM4B to other companies.

Tim Jackson
CEO, ftpStorage

I can leave it working in the background and not have to intervene from one month to the next

James Valentine
Director, Kohera Ltd

TM4B has provided us with a very good service ever since we joined them.

Liroy van Hoewijk
Founder, ProVided

I've been more than impressed with the service I have received and continue to get

Paul McGowan
Designer, Neu Design

I strongly recommend this company as SMS gateway.

Jean-Luc Lacroix
IT Manager, Lumadis

I have found the API usable and well documented

Ian Grant
Lecturer in Digital Arts, Thames Valley University

I found the API easy to integrate into my system

Liam Bowers
Project Manager, Blakes

TM4B has the best rating price/quality of SMS service

Denis Lapalus

Using TM4B has been an excellent experience

Tom Last
Technical Director, Race Ahead

It is, far and away, the easiest to use text messaging solution on the web.

Dean Kavanagh
Director, Quext

We've been using TM4B for a while now and it really works well

Nigel Powell
Member, Sahaja Yoga

Robert Houtman
Managing Director, NSC Clinics